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CloneJanet site is OPEN!

He-ey Campers!

I'd like to invite you to take a look at a project the Abydos Gate
crew's been involved in most recently.

This project is called CloneJanet! and the AG is proud to be
affiliated with SJF.COM (not SJF.NET, nothing to do with SDJ, so get
your heads out of your butts FCOL and try to deal with this. *vbg*)

A great deal of ehm... effort went into this baby, so do yourselves a
favor and go check it out. If you want to argue my sanity after
reading the Mission Statement, then you know where to reach me. *g*


Encouraged by the enormous fan support during such memorable petitions
as NoDumbJack, SamJack4Ever, DontGoJonas and MustSeeSiler, the powers
behind the highly successful SaveJanetFraiser and MoreJanet campaigns
bring you the terrific! new series entitled:


*insert dramatic sound byte here*

After the untimely death of her best friend and confidante,
grief-ridden Major Samantha Carter (PhD) asks the Asgard Heimdall's
help in reviving her fallen hero. Earth's allies are more than willing
to help the Major in her time of need, but after a clone is implanted
into the blonde officer's womb, the Asgard ship is captured.

Samantha Carter barely escapes from the clutches of the vile system
lord Anubis, who now has DNA samples and memory engrams of Stargate
Command's deceased CEO.

Little does SG1 know that while they're preparing for the arrival of
the CloneJanet, Anubis is raising an army of EvilJanets with the sole
purpose of destroying Earth Alliance worlds throughout the galaxy.

Can the team that saved the world EIGHT times stop the vicious
EvilJanets from destroying our last best hope for mankind, the SGC?

Will SG1 pay the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity?

Will CloneJanet be our only hope?

Find out what happens as AllJanets embark on a journey into the unknown…

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